Sony Opened Auditorium at Galaxy Theatres in Las Vegas

The first-ever Sony Digital Cinema auditorium opened at the Galaxy Theatres’ at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas yesterday. Notably, the nine-screen complex is equipped with laser projectors coupled with two PLFs Sony’s and Galaxy’s screen.

Sony Digital Cinema is a new experience for PLF theaters that includes the company’s dual laser projection system, which provides exceptional picture quality and immersion. The auditorium also includes Dolby Atmos sound and more than 200 reclining seats. The Japanese electronics giant believes that moviegoers are ready to pay a few extra bucks for the premium experience. Tickets are expected to cost $12.75, $16.75 in the Sony Digital Cinema auditorium and $18.25 for a 3D show.

This location in Las Vegas is the first in what is expected to be a nationwide rollout of Sony Digital Cinema experience, which will pull in more audience. Sony has been actively working with the world’s biggest theater chains and art house cinemas to provide exceptional products and service to improve the movie-going experience. Offerings include 4K, laser, lamp, HDR, 2D and 3D projection technology options.

Galaxy Theatres is located at 3680 S. Maryland Pkway Spc. #385, Las Vegas, Nevada