The LA Art Show is a proud supporter of the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why™ campaign:

Help us save more lives with CPR.  Why? Life is Why™
In the time you read this newsletter, someone in the U.S. is likely to suffer from cardiac arrest. While family members and friends may know to call 911, they often don’t know what else to do while waiting for first responders. The fact is, after 10 minutes without CPR, there is little chance of survival. More than 350,000 people experience cardiac arrest in the U.S. each year, most often at home. Almost 90 percent do not survive even though cardiac arrest is reversible for most victims if treated within a few minutes. CPR can double or triple the chance of survival. Through Nation of Lifesavers, the American Heart Association is equipping people to teach CPR and lifesaving skills in communities across the nation.
By supporting Life is Why™, the LA Art Show helps fund the American Heart Association’s mission, which includes CPR education, training and development of science-based CPR guidelines and techniques to help strengthen the chain of survival. Together, more people can learn CPR and put more lifesavers on the streets and in our homes. Find out how you could be the difference between life and death by learning Hands-Only CPR at Nation of Lifesavers | American Heart Association.
LA Art Show is a proud supporter of the American Heart Association’s
Life is Why™ Campaign
More about the AHA here.